The Black Friars of Shrewsbury
- is a very interesting publication (by Paul Marsden) on the history of the Black Friars Monastery which stretched from St. Mary’s Water Lane down to the English Bridge.  Available from the author to Owners and Residents (free of charge). 

New Light Switches
There are light switches in all stairwells for our safety. Each light switch contains it's own mini light for easy location in the dark. Each light switch will keep the lights on for just over 1 minute, If this is not sufficient for any reason please contact Eddie Clitheroe who will arrange for the Electrician to alter the timing. Please don't attempt this yourself.

Mr and Mrs Whittenham
A silver Birch has been planted in the Meadow at Blackfriars in memory of Mr and Mrs Geoff Whittenham, formerly of Apt 24, both of whom died recently. A small plaque will be put next to the tree soon.

Trees in Car Park - September 2013

The Snakeskin Maple in the car park (between spaces 6 and 8) has grown too large and is now beginning to damage the tarmac and paving around it. It was always completely the wrong tree for this location and we have sought the advice of our consultant arborist to recommend a more appropriate replacement.

After some discussion, we have gone for an evergreen shrub, Viburnum Burkwoodii, and we will be planting one of these in place of the maple, hopefully making the car park more attractive as well as easier to maintain.

Communal Sky TV System
- July 2013
As part of the fire safety work currently being carried out, it will be necessary to cut off the communal Sky system for a few hours on the morning of Monday, July 8. Hopefully this will not incovenience anyone too much as Wimbledon will be over by then and the Tour de France is on in the afternoon!

Garage Doors - August 2011
The Garage Doors in St. Mary's Water Lane and the Picnic Tables in the Meadow have been painted!

Trees - March 2011
In early March we had to fell one of the Lombardy Poplars which had rotted at the base and was in danger of toppling onto Lower Blackfriars in a high wind. It will be replaced, at the behest of the council, by a Quercus robur 'Fastigiata', a large imposing tree with a narrow columnar habit, commonly known as the Cypress Oak or Upright Oak. It will obviously be planted further away from Lower Blackfriars than the poplar was.

At the same time the Norway Maple near the gable end of Lower Blackfriars was lightly pruned to try to minimise the ongoing building maintenance problems it causes.

Pictures are posted on Flora & Fauna.

May 2015 AGM
The Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 6th May at 7.30pm at Morgan's, Shrewsbury. The turn out was impressive with 35 out of our 40 leaseholders in attendance

Buildings Decorating Update
The external painting of Blackfriars will take place in 2015. (The previous painting took place in 2010). Painting of the internal common areas is now being carried out.
The delay is due to the contractor's exterior painting commitments elsewhere. Consequently the new common area carpets will be laid in November after the interior painting has been completed.

The skirting boards around the blue ENTRY DOORS will be replaced where necessary.

External Decorating – Summer 2015
This was completed in autumn 2015.



Raised Garden - Beds Dec 2010
The raised fruit and veg beds will be installed soon at the far end of the Meadow.  There are a few beds left so if you fancy growing fresh produce for the table, then please contact Margaret at No. 12.

Trees and Shrubs - Dec 2010
Tree roots have caused some damage to the small wall by the bin store.  This will be repaired as soon as permission is granted to cut down the tree (which will then be replaced with a suitable shrub).  Plans to replace the tree opposite UBF are also in hand (roots are starting to lift the pavement).

Car Security Alert - October 2009
Please be extra vigilant, make sure your car doors are locked and that no valuables are left in view. The last episode of a car break-in occurred in October 2009.

Bin Store – September 2009
The pedestrian exit wall by the Bin Store has been strengthened to protect it from further damage from bin men pushing bins out to the waiting vehicle.

New Signs – September 2009
Signs have been fixed (indicating location of Apartment Numbers for visitors) to both Upper and Lower Blackfriars.

Picnic Table - June 2009
A second Picnic Table has now been installed in the field.  Please refer to entry March 2009 Newsletter from Directors (Recreation - Field Use) to view terms of use.

March 2009 Newsletter from Directors (Recreation - Field Use).
Click here to download the newsletter.

Garages - January 2009
The garages have now been externally numbered, making it easier to contact garage owners when necessary. Eddie Clitheroe, Director, and Cooper Green Pooks, the managing agents, both hold lists of who owns each garage.

Bin Store - December 2008
A movement sensor was put in the bin stores so that the light comes on automatically. It will switch itself off after a short period once the doors are closed. The strip light was also been replaced with a more suitable light in order to save electricity.

TV Reception - December 2008
Despite our best efforts, the Council have refused our request to either cut down or trim the remaining Norway Maple in the meadow, which our TV installer has advised us may be responsible for our intermittently poor TV reception on terrestrial channels. We are now looking at various other possibilities including putting the aerial on the gable end of Upper Blackfriars, adjacent to St Mary’s Water Lane, or installing FreeSat utilising our existing dish.

Security Alert - September 2008
The last flat break-in occurred in September 2008. Please be vigilant at all times (and especially aware of security if you live on the lower floors).

Security - March 2008
Last week a first-floor apartment in Upper Blackfriars was burgled. Someone used the SABC salt /sand bin for icy roads to reach an open window and helped themselves to a few personal items. This was the first such incident in the history of Blackfriars, but it nevertheless reminds us to be careful with leaving windows open, particularly on the lower floors. The police have been informed and the bin has been moved further down the lane.

Field - April 2008
We’ve now had permission from Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council to fell two of the three Norway Maples, crown-reduce the centre one and plant 5 more suitable species. We are now talking to contractors to put this work in hand as soon as possible. See further information about trees on the home page.

Safety Railings - February 2008
Safety railings have now been installed at the rear of Upper Blackfriars.

Access via Water Lane to Blackfriars will be interrupted next week. On Tuesday July 7,
Wednesday July 8 and Thursday July 9 the Lane will be closed to vehicular traffic from 8.30 SHARP until a short while AFTER 17.00. The Directors proposed some "flexibility" for the mornings so that those keeping "office hours" could get away. This  has been accepted by Balfour Beatty. There is no absolute guarantee that the work will have been completed by Thursday.  Warning will be given if work has to continue into Friday or during the following week. All residents should have received letters  from Balfour Beautty relating to work to be carried out. BUT TAKE NOTE: IF YOU WISH TO MOVE OUT  BY CAR IN THE MORNING IT MUST BE BEFORE 08.30! Pedestrians will be able  to use the Lane as usual.