Welcome to the Blackfriars website. This has been produced as an information and resource medium for residents and owners of apartments within the complex. We will endeavour to keep you updated on maintenance works and other matters of general interest concerning the building. If you have anything you would like to contribute, then please feel free to get in touch using the Contact Page. A list of recommended contractors is available here. Blackfriars point out that they bear no responsibility for these suggestions but generally the contractors are familiar with the buildings.


Notice Boards       
Notice Boards informing residents of useful contact numbers, Board meetings and decisions, and general information, have now been erected in each block. Residents are asked to consult regularly these boards. Information provided might well affect one directly. The Board hopes this action will provide greater clarity to the workings of the Board and understanding of the running of Blackfriars generally.

Annual General Meeting 2019

The AGM (at 7pm) is scheduled to take place during the last week of June. The precise date and location will be announced shortly via the lobby notice boards.

Bike Shed
Bikes are stored at owners' risk. Key can be optained from the directors.

Brian Rennie Commemorative Bench

Brian Rennie's Commemorative Bench was officially unveiled in Blackfriars Meadow by his sister Fiona.   Fiona and Blackfriar's resident Wendy Wright are pictured here on the Bench, which is positioned for the best view of the river and surrounding area.  Very appropriate for Brian's motto "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."   A big thank you to Wendy for the concept and organisation, to all who contributed (below) and a special thanks to Carl and Richard Gittens for the (foc) installation

Rob & Amanda, Mr D Cunliffe, Mrs P Williams, Hawk Ground Care, Pete Manders, Mr WJ Oliver, Mr & Mrs Clitheroe, Mr W Brewin,  Mr G C Dyfnallt, Mr JN Blezard, Mr & Mrs CR Winkworth, Mr DL Evans,  Mr & Mrs PF Crompton,  Dr & Mrs S Currin,  Mrs GM Burton,  Mr S. Ellerker,  Mrs P Wright, Miss W Wright, Mr C Wright, Ms AC Jones, Ian Jacques,  Mr & Mrs R Griffith, Carl & Richard Gittens, Mark Powys, Rozanne & Ross.

After all expenses had been met there remained a balance of £80, which was donated to the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

The Meadow
More trees have been planted in the meadow.  We hope you will make good use of the two Picnic Tables following the 'BBQ' summer.  Suggestions for further improvements are always welcome.

A new cutting regime has improved the meadow and takes in more user friendly both for wildlife and residents. The site was surveyed a number of years ago by experts and the plant species that were spotted then are still evident. Received advice has been for the annual seed from grass to be allowed to disperse before cutting. Recommended time for cutting is July. However the path and picnic tables will remain passable at all times.

To increase the range of habitat we have planted two copses made up of tree species that are native and easily managed. These survived the dry spell of summer 2018 with careful watering. Volunteers have helped with that and bulb planting - more help is always welcome. Please contact Paul by e-mail (address in lobbies)

We hope you will make good use of the picnic tables. Suggestions for further improvements are always welcome.

Several saplings of Birch, Rowan and Scots Pine were planted in February 2009 to enhance the Meadow. To replace a felled Norway Maple, two silver birches were planted at the rear of Upper Blackfriars. And some more trees were planted in 2010. if anyone would like to plant a suitable tree in the field as a token of rememberance, or to recognise an event such as a birth or anniversary, please contact David Cunliffe (Flat 4).


Blackfriars has been visited by a surprising number of bird species since it was built in 1998, and this is my list of the ones I have spotted – in the gardens, meadow, car park, flying overhead or passing by on the river. We are regularly visited by Sparrowhawks, Buzzards and, in the last year or so, a Peregrine Falcon flying fast towards the town’s church towers has often been seen. Rarities include Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Black Redstart and a Cuckoo calling across the river. The river itself is regularly inhabited by Goosanders and in the winter by a pair of Little Grebes. It's harder now to record new species but if you do see something unusual to add to the list, please contact me. Paul Lawton

Full List of Birds see Flora & Fauna

Dogs Ban
In response to comments from residents dogs are banned from the Meadow.

A NO DOGS sign is clearly visable at the entrance .

The Meadow and Charity events:
Residents are invited to pass on ideas for making use of the Meadow as a venue for charitable events. The Directors will consider them and consult with residents as to whether the event were appropriate.

Raised Garden Beds
The beds were first installed in July 2010. The Beds must measure approx 12ft x 6ft (a good workable size) with space in between for easy access.  Each bed can be worked by an individual or shared by 2 residents.  The first option is given to Apartment Owners, and then to long term Renters.  Communal Garden Tools and Watering Cans are available. If interested Please contact David Cunliffe (Board's Chair), Flat 4, Upper Blackfriars or any other Board member.

Refuse Collection
We have had in the past, a problem with the bin store, where overflowing and incorrectly-used recycle bins were refused collection. It  was resolved in the end by a meeting with the Council and as part of this we agreed to remind residents about the correct use of the bin store. Most residents are already sensible about it, but there seem to be one or two spoiling it for the rest.

There is actually plenty of capacity for waste if everyone uses it correctly. There are 3 large skips for general waste, and these are collected every Monday. There are now also 6 bins for recycling - 2 for mixed cans/plastics, 2 for glass and 2 for paper (NO CARDBOARD) - which are collected every alternate Monday.

The Council will NOT collect recycle bins that are overflowing, mixed (except cans/plastic) or contain cardboard. They will also NOT take anything that is not in a skip or a bin, so please leave nothing on the floor (which may, in any case, attract vermin).

If the bins are full, please hold on to your waste until the next collection or take it to an alternative recycling/waste centre. PLEASE do not add to the problem. If you have large waste items such as mattresses etc, PLEASE dispose of them elsewhere.

The directors invite residents to contact them if they notice any areas within the Common Areas requiring special attention.