On behalf of Blackfriars (Shrewsbury) Limited we would like to welcome you to Blackfriars and hope that you enjoy living here.

If you have any queries or problems while you are here, please contact any of the Directors whose names are listed on the notice boards in the lobbies. The Managing Agents are Messrs Cooper Green Pooks of 26 Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury, SY1 1RE, the manager responsible being Hugh Carter.

At the bottom of this page you will see a link which will take you to a list of suggested contacts for services that you may find useful ranging from plumbers to computers!

On this page we've tried to set out information and guidance to make living here as pleasant an experience as possible, some items of which may be embodied in your Lease or Tenancy Agreement.

Many newcomers to Blackfriars have not previously lived in a multi-occupied property. If this is the case you may find the following helpful in order to avoid unnecessary conflict with neighbours:-

1) Noise
Particularly in the evening, at night and early morning, please do not make noise that can be heard outside of your apartment e.g. TVs, music, washing machines, banging of doors, parties etc.

2) Bicycles
Bicycles must not be stored in common areas. A bicycle shed has been provided at the rear of Upper Blackfriars and is accessed through the gate on St. Mary’s Water Lane. A key for this may be obtained from David Cunliffe, Flat 4.

Bicycles are stored there at owner’s risk.

3) Parking
Unless you have a parking space or garage as part of your apartment there is no parking on the site. By prior arrangement with a parking space owner, parking may be obtained for visitors.

When parking your car please be sure that your vehicle does not overlap your space in any way. Having vehicles parked on the roadway behind your vehicle cannot be permitted as it makes it difficult to park and manoeuvre vehicles in spaces opposite. Parking is for private vehicles only i.e. not commercial vehicles.

Please note that parking on the street outside the complex leaves you liable to a parking ticket.

If you do park in someone else’s space please leave a note on your windscreen of where you can be contacted.

Camper Vans are not permitted to park overnight at Blackfriars.

4) Pets
No animals or birds are permitted at any time in Apartments (with the exception of Guide Dogs).

5) Balconies
Storing items other than garden furniture and plants on balconies or drying of washing is not permitted.


6) Common Areas
The common areas are cleaned by outside contractors and therefore must be kept clear at all times. It is not permitted to store items such as bicycles, push chairs etc. in common areas.

7) Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms are fitted in all apartments. In your own interests please test them regularly.

8) Damage to Third Party’s Property
Please make sure that your insurance covers you for damage to third party property caused by malfunction of washing machines, dishwashers, burst pipes etc. as such damage will be your responsibility.

9) Bin Areas
Please make sure you use the correct bins and keep the bin area tidy and unobstructed

10) Window Cleaning
Occupants are responsible for the cleaning of the windows inside and outside of their apartments and the outside sills. The common areas are cleaned every two months by the site contractors Smith Cleaning Services. Occupants of flats may wish to use this company, in which case they can ring 01743 468926.

11) Car Park and Grassed Areas
Contractors keep the car park clean and tidy and cut the lawns. Please do not litter or obstruct these areas or park on the grass.

12) The Meadow
The Meadow is owned by the shareholders of Blackfriars (Shrewsbury) Limited. This means that it will never be developed – consequently the seclusion of our development is assured. Feel free to use the field.

We should be grateful if you would report damage to the property, vandalism, unsocial behaviour or anything with which you are not happy as soon as possible.

A list of recommended contractors is available here. Blackfriars point out that they bear no responsibility for these suggestions but generally the contractors are familiar with the buildings.



Buildings Insurance
The managing agents, Cooper Green Pooks, have asked us to remind all leaseholders of the following, which applies to unoccupied apartments:

It is a condition of the buildings insurance policy that within twenty days of the premises or any part thereof becoming unoccupied, untenanted or not having been actively used:

a. All services are to be turned off at the mains, except electricity where needed to maintain any fire or intruder alarm system in operation, and the water and heating system drained

b. The premises are to be adequately secured against unauthorised entry

c. At least weekly inspections are to be made of the premises by the leaseholder or a responsible person acting on the leaseholders behalf

d. Any accumulations of combustible materials such as junk mail and newspapers are to be removed during each inspection of the premises

Leaseholders should ensure that they comply with these policy terms and conditions as failure to do so may lead to the insurance policy being invalidated.