First of all, welcome to Blackfriars and we hope you enjoy living here!

We know from experience that the same issues come up time and time again for new residents, so we thought it would be useful to highlight the most common ones here:


Easily the single issue that causes the most problems!

The parking situation is actually quite straightforward:

- Only residents with their own parking space have a right to park in the Crescent.

- BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT ONLY with the owner of a space, others may park in that specific space. They must leave a note, easily visible, showing their contact telephone and flat numbers.

A modicum of courtesy, common sense and goodwill should make for good practice.

Camper Vans are not permitted to park overnight at Blackfriars.


Bikes may only be parked in the bike store behind Upper Blackfriars (access from St Mary’s Water Lane). Specifically excluded are any of the common areas, internal and external, and the bin store.


Residents are responsible for cleaning their own windows and keeping accessible guttering (e.g. around balconies) clear.

Lease Terms

If you rent your property, please note that the Terms & Conditions of your landlord’s lease with Blackfriars override those of your lease with your landlord.

There is more information on all these points and more on the Management page, which we thoroughly recommend that you read. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact page.